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The absence of tbe irl and the boy soon becomes common

talk, and people who have seen them together subsequent to their

disappearance testify that it Is a case of elopement.

The young people however return to their respective homes

within a week.

The bride's father has to payhkulam tappu*(pena!ty for

skri; : f his daughter, and serve liquor to the village elders and

Chief, He demands heavy bride price. Now his position Is more

assured. The boy ought not to have taken away his daughter if he

cannot afford to pay the bride price. The boy*s parents are at a

disadvantage in t!"<e bargain, They however try their best for a

reduction through repeated cegctiatioDS with the help of their

Chief and kinsmen. At last the figure is finalised. They have a^

feast and drinks at the expense of the boy's parents.

The youth pays the bride price to sea! the agreement.

d)  Post- Marital *ex :

After being   irarried, a girl ira\ fall in love 'witha Bother

person, and may indulge in post-marital sex secretly.

The "kinsmen do not approve of such behaviour.   But they

will not  be harsh.   They are tolerant in  the beginning.   Gentle

hints, and subtle references are made to dissuade   the woman.   In'

their early reproaches they do not betray their knowledge of her


It  is  however doubtful whether these subtle methods of

correction really prevail upon her.

e)  Remarriage :

A married woman who developed  post-marital sexual reta-

tions with an urtrmied  ycutli iray e!cpe with him.   After this

becomes known, the youth who took her as Ms wife has  to